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Born and raised in Israel, I lived in a very tuff neighborhood so I spent most of my childhood as a “bad boy”. By the age of 17 I felt that my life was going nowhere so I moved to Tel - Aviv (the biggest city in Israel) A few years later I was discovered by an acting coach and went to an acting academy.

By the end of my first year there I was representing Israel in the national “Olive Festival” doing Mirandolina by “Goldoni” playing Mirandolina…a woman.

After finishing the acting academy, I was doing lots of theater and in the process a director took interest in my career and I booked my first tour with a play.

After one year in the “real” acting world I started to do some TV and indie films. One indie film that was particularly meaningful to me was “Yossi & Jagger” I was always looking for challenging roles that would
allow me to experience the character life and share it with an audience.

Upon wrapping " Yossi & Jagger" the director “Eytan Fox” told me “go to Hollywood, you don’t belong here”. I told him “I don’t even speak English” he replied "so, do what you have to do and go to Hollywood” of course
I liked the idea but I was nowhere near to take the thought serious since, I myself, knew it’s far fetched for me to go to a new country, learn new cultures and languages. But he put a bug in my ear.

Six months after Yossi & Jagger I landed a series regular role in a TV series “The Red One” after the media saw me
play this role I received many offers of TV roles in Israel. But all I could think about was Eytan Fox saying “go to Hollywood , you don’t belong here, go to Hollywood”

So I did. I came to Hollywood without knowing any
English, determined to learn the language and culture.  A year into my stay I was cast as a series regular in a pilot “DON’T GO”, I’ve shot 3 Indies and feel like this is only the
beginning of my new journey and so I want to share my good will with everyone. Recently I was blessed and got the opportunity to work with Mr. Tyler Perry on his new movie "Why Did I Get Married Too “.
I had the BEST time of my life!!! on and off set!!! I LOVE the Tyler Perry family so much!! Before I go I just want to say: No matter what your goals are, if you really want something and you put everything that you got into it, work hard and allow God to lead you…you can make it happen!!!”

“If you can't do it, do it anyway“


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